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Natural Disaster Management Forum (NDMF Nepal) Nepal was established in May 2002 with an aim to devote to those people who have been suffering from disasters both manmade and natural. The organization is registered in the Kathmandu District Administration Office, Government of Nepal and is also registered under the Social Welfare Council, Nepal. The organization believes that mitigation of natural disasters is possible only through a proper understanding of their nature along with the sustainable management of natural resources and watershed management in relation to climate change with the involvement of the concerned stakeholders including local communities.

Due to the countryís topography and other vulnerable situation relating socio-economic, physical, technical conditions and governing mechanism Nepal is at risk to various types of natural disasters such as floods, landslides, riverbank erosions, fires, earthquakes, epidemics, windstorm, avalanches, glacier lake outburst floods, droughts etc. Most of these hydro-meteorological disaster especially floods, landslides, avalanches, wild fire, riverbank erosion, windstorm, cold and warm spells occur every year in the country. Nepal has lost, in average, around 300 people, displaced 20 thousands of people and incurred a loss of national property equivalent to US $ 8 million due to floods and landslides every year (Paudel, D., 2006). NDMF Nepal has been established to mitigate and manage hydro-climatic disasters, and to promote eco-friendly lifestyles to adapt to climate change (CC) stimulus through knowledge development, extension & promotion among the concerned stakeholders and communities. The forum is also engaged in the study of environment and natural resources management in multi dimensional perspectives including technical, social, and economic in order to interface up and down stream linkages.

NDMF Nepal believes in an integrated approach in the field of disaster risk management locally to adapt to environmental change globally in order to make Nepal a climate resilient country.

  • To generate nationwide knowledge about DRR among the people;
  • To involve in mountain resources development through interdisciplinary actions;
  • To share knowledge and experiences on climate risk management; and
  • To address social and economic vulnerabilities in reducing climate related risks.

  • To mitigate and manage natural disasters promoting local community participation;
  • To work on capacity building of concerned stakeholders including government and non-government and community based organizations working in DRR and CCA;
  • To generate awareness among the people in potential disasters areas;
  • To help improve the living status of natural disasters survivors through various options of livelihoods;
  • To provide research, trainings and other advocacy programmes relating to natural resource management and DRR;
  • To promote womenís participation in the conservation of natural resources and DRR; and
  • To develop national and international networking with partner organization working nationally and internationally

Executive Committee
Chairperson Deepak Paudel
Vice-Chairperson Bashu Dev Dahal
Secretary Lubha Raj Neupane
Joint-Secretary Raghav Sharma
Treasurer Gayatri Kumari Upadhayay
Member Raju Rana
Minu Kumari Shrestha
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